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Kristina Torres

Biology Education


My name is Kristina Torres and I am a current graduate student in the TCPCG program at University of Connecticut. I have a Bachelors of Science in Biology from the University of Saint Joseph. With the growing difficulties in education, there is nothing more powerful than a teacher who shares open-mindedness and has a willingness to devote their career to students of all race, gender identity, socioeconomic status, culture, language, ability, and beliefs. I have gained the expertise of implementing differentiation in STEM classrooms, integrating literacy approaches and technology into STEM, aligning lessons to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, and accommodating student diversity and community influences amongst other skills that will make me into an empathetic and unprejudiced educator.I am a strong believer in the use of technology in the classroom. I feel it gives an empowering connection between the teacher and student. Allowing students to use technology in a science classroom can lead to something inspiring. My goal is to allow students to integrate professional use of technology into every day life in addition to an educational setting.

Outside of the classroom I have had the opportunity to work with students of varied ages ranging from four years to eighteen years old. In the past eight years I have been a volunteer for the Groton Public Library. In recent years, I have been an advocate for STEM education by helping coordinate and implement Smart Science, a program for seven to twelve year olds. I have gained much instructional experience in the past as an English teacher in Hong Kong, where I taught a range of classes from ages four to fourteen year olds. In addition to my teaching experience, I have been a participant in sports for fifteen years. I was a college athlete for the University of Saint Joseph, participating in several fundraising experiences and breaking a few school pitching records. In addition, I have now taken the opportunity to coach a sixteen and under softball team based out of North Stonington, Connecticut.I cannot wait to start my career as a science educator and a leader within my school and community!


Kristina Torres’ Resume