TCPCG Certification Areas

With a bachelor’s degree related to core secondary academic disciplines, TCPCG students can earn an MA in Curriculum and Instruction or Educational Psychology (special education students) and be qualified to teach grades 7–12 in a variety of certification areas, which are offered at all TCPCG campuses:

TCPCG grad Sushruta Kunnenkeri works with a student at NFA. [Links to profile piece on Sushruta.]
TCPCG alum Sushruta Kunnenkeri ’18 MA, right, interacts with a student during a science class at Norwich Free Academy in 2018. (Stefanie Dion Jones/Neag School)

For more detailed information on program guidelines and a sample plan of study for each concentration, please see the Guidelines and Sample Plan of Study page.

Hear about the TCPCG experience through one of our alumni:

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