IB/M Frequently Asked Questions

Is financial assistance available?

Yes. Financial assistance includes:

Where do I go for late add/drop, excess credit authorizations, substitutions, or plan of study questions?

Email the Director of Advising and Certification, Ann Traynor.

Where can I find information on my program?

Program Guidelines, Sample Semester Sequences, and Praxis Core Information are available online. You can also check out the cohort web resource pages on the Neag School website for updated information.

When should I take the Praxis II exam?

Many elementary or secondary education majors take the test in the fall or spring of the senior year. Special Education majors should wait until they have completed student teaching to take the Praxis II exams.

Which Praxis II test(s) do I take?

Praxis II test information is available online from the Educational Testing Service. A more comprehensive description of the Praxis II is also available on the Neag School of Education website.

How can I pursue cross endorsement?

Students interested in cross endorsements should contact the State of Connecticut Bureau of Educator Preparation, Certification, Support and Assessment: teacher.cert@ct.gov. You cannot receive a cross endorsement until you have received your initial certification.

How and when do I submit my undergraduate plan of study?

Complete and have plan of study signed by your advisor. Submit 1 copy of the Plan and 1 copy of your unofficial transcripts to Room 303, Gentry Building by November 1 of your junior year. Submit a final plan of study online through PeopleSoft by November 20 of your senior year.

When do I apply for the Master’s program?

Students apply to the University of Connecticut Graduate School online by February 1 of their senior year.

How do I apply for the Master’s program?

Fill out the Graduate School online application. You do not need to include a personal statement or letters of recommendation. You do need to include official transcripts if you have attended universities other than UConn.

How and when do I submit the Master’s year plan of study?

  • Download and save the “Master’s Year Plan of Study Form” from the Plan of Study page to your computer and fill out the form electronically.
  • Your plan should include at least 30 credits.
  • Your plan should include EDCI 5092, 5093, 5094 and 5095, a language and cultural diversity course, a leadership course, a technology course (except music students), a research course and electives.
  • Special Education students also take EPSY 5116 and a literacy course (EPSY 5113, 5114 or 5115).
  • Once the plan is completed, print out a copy.
  • Sign and date the form and have your faculty advisor sign.
  • Bring 1 copy to Room 303, Gentry by December 1 (wait until you have registered for the spring semester to complete the form).
  • In January, apply for graduation online through PeopleSoft.

How do I get certified?

Once you have completed all prerequisites to recommendation for certification, (all grades submitted with no incompletes, Praxis Core or waiver scores, passing scores on edTPA, Praxis II, ACTFL and Foundations of Reading, and your approved plan of study submitted), you will be eligible for certification. The Neag School of Education will complete your certification paperwork will send it to you. Once you have reviewed it, submit it to the Connecticut State Department of Education.