Integrated Bachelor’s/Master’s (IB/M) Teacher Education Program

Program Overview

Pre-service preparation is a critical factor in the initial success of new teachers. The quality and intensity of the preparation program is an important part of determining how successful teachers will be as well as how long they remain in the teaching profession. The five-year IB/M program is a rigorous, well-planned program designed to provide students an optimum combination of experiences in which they can build content area knowledge, knowledge of teaching and learning, and the practical knowledge required to be a successful and effective teacher for all students.

The five-year IB/M program begins with students completing at least two years of general education and subject area study prior to admission to the Neag School of Education. Once admitted to the IB/M program, students generally complete two years of subject area major studies and professional education in teacher education leading to a Bachelor's degree in education. The undergraduate years are followed by one year of graduate level professional education leading to a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction or Educational Psychology. Completion of all program requirements results in the recommendation for certification as a teacher in the State of Connecticut.

Certification Areas

The IB/M program offers courses of study for certification in the following areas:

  • Elementary Education (Grades 1–6)
  • Secondary Education (Grades 7–12)
    • English Education
    • History/Social Studies Education
    • Mathematics Education
    • Science: Chemistry Education; Earth Science Education; General Science Education; Physics Education
    • World Languages: American Sign Language Education (new!); French Language Education; German Language Education; Italian Language Education; Latin/Classics Language Education; Mandarin Chinese Language Education; Spanish Language Education
  • Comprehensive Special Education (PK–12)
  • Music Education (PK–12)