Professional Development Centers

IB/M Professional Development Centers Information

The Professional Development School Model: An Important Aspect of the Neag School’s Teacher Preparation Program

The IB/M Program has entered into partnerships with 15 school districts and over 50  elementary, middle, and high schools. Through these relationships, known as Professional Development Centers or PDCs, the faculty and administration in the Neag School of Education, and in the schools, work together to create new visions of education. Our relationships with public schools in our Professional Development Center districts have allowed us to provide our students with excellent clinic experiences through the efforts of a large number of public school teachers who work with our students and are committed to preparing new teachers.

In order to maintain a positive working relationship among all the stakeholders in the partnership, a PDC Coordinator is assigned to each PDC. The role and responsibility of this individual is to insure the proper functioning of the PDC on a day-to-day basis and to provide leadership and vision with respect to activities associated with the partnership.

You can visit the websites of our PDC’s by clicking on the links below.

Professional Development Centers